AltA-ZuZ Therapeutics

First in class small molecule inhibitor of leukocyte trafficking for autoimmune diseases

We developed an orally bioavailable small molecule inhibitor of leukocyte trafficking. We have PoC both in-vitro and in 4 different in-vivo models including mouse models for IBD, MS, NAFLD and CIA. In addition, we performed a GLP-like safety study where our compound was given orally for 28 consecutive days without any safety issues. We have indications from in-silico analysis that we are targeting a novel target and are proposing a novel MoA. We seek seed funding to obtain more definitive PoC for the MoA primarily target identification, allowing us to return to interested parties for further funding. We are looking at an investment of $1.7M for a period of 12 months at the end we will have the MoA, structure/activity relation (SAR) and initialization of manufacturing process established. We are starting to accumulate data demonstrating an effect on obesity by targeting visceral fat accumulation by targeting inflammation via our molecule making a nice round story with a drug solution.




BioPharma, BioTech