Aerotor Unmanned Systems LTD

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  • Beit Yehoshua
  • Raz Geva, CEO,

Aerotor was established by three co-founders, Raz, Aharon, and Shai. Our aggregate experience in the UAV market is over 40 years. Aerotor has developed AQP (Apus Quadcopter Platform). The AQP is a software-enabled, versatile, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and safe flying device that can replace light helicopter applications. Incorporating the AQP into day-to-day missions will change the face of air mobility. Our AQP offers multi-layered solutions with an emphasis on VTOL capabilities, aerodynamic efficiency, levitation, operational space, and saves 95% of air pollution and noise pulsations compared to light helicopters. The AQP addresses the following three deficiencies of multi-rotor devices that cannot be solved by neither electric motors powered by lithium batteries or by the hybrid powered drone: Endurance, Flight Range, and Payload Weight. The AQP introduces a new steering method – the Central Steering System (CSS).


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Aviation, Logistics, SAR