Aeroshela K.D. Ltd.

Plasmachemical in-situ MSW purification

  • Ganei Tikva
  • Zvi Lahat, CEO,

Plasmachemical MSW purification into clean air and ash system will almost completely eliminate the need for waste handling, waste sites and waste landfills. Market size: Global waste management market is estimated to reach $500Billion and MSW is estimated to reach $250Billion by 2025. Technology: Our team is proposing to develop low cost, low operational cost and low maintenance in-situ 1.5 ton/hr. MSW mobile waste treatment system using plasmachemical reactions to treat hazardous streams, consisting both inorganic and organic products, into harmless materials. The technology is based on direct-contact at high-temperature which vary between 500K – 10000K or higher using active electromagnetic fields and the high temperature and the high energy output from the plasma at a reactor mixed with waste. Waste undergoes a chemical excitation to the ionic state for most effective disruption and harmful pollutants are effectively destroyed and clean air and ash remain.




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