Aeroshela K.D. Ltd.

Improved combustion of diesel engines for less premature deaths and better environment

In accordance with European Environment Agency 2016 report, fine particulate matter (FPM) cause premature deaths of more than 400 thousand people in European Countries. Poor fuel/air mixture combustion of Diesel engines is the main cause for FPM. Replacing diesel engines will last decades while the fatal risks take the human toll. Our unique technological concept kit dramatically enhances mixture combustion of diesel engines. Testing of vehicles by largest equipment and engines manufacturer: 1. Emission reduction 88% 2. 34% fuel consumption reduction 3. No wear of engines. Capability of more than 20% better fuel economy, minimum wear, will decrease maintenance cost, appealed to the experts willing to donate engines for evaluation. Investment will open the market for 2000+ kits locally, about 400,000 HUMMER vehicles as well as other diesel engines. Start-up is a Research Center with team of scientists and engineers, specializing in plasma, electromagnetic and engines systems.




Automotive Diesel Vehicles, Hummer Vehicles, Trucks