Ecommerce loses $3.4T globally due to bad search. We solved it: abstract intelligence

  • Israel San Jose, Costa Rica
  • John Williams Bandach, Founder & Chief Scientist, scientist@abstraai.com

After $1.8M investment + 8 years research, we have a new AI tech (abstract intelligence). Our 1st product is Q&Ai: a thinking search engine with 100% perfect results, less returns, increases sales up to 40% and zero Bad Search. Google admits Bad Search kills 33% of online sales. We have 1000’s of trade secrets & 100’s future patents & 7 major scientific discoveries, including the miem paradox -why today’s AI & machine learning cannot make machines understand/think. Q&Ai doesn’t need models, training or super computers; it only reads to learn, understand, reason & think with mathematical precision. Several working prototypes available including rational imagination (please ask). We are top mathematicians, programmers & out-of-the-box thinkers Our founder was a maths child prodigy (Sketlov institute of maths). We wish to develop this new tech in Israel for the country’s future. If no interest please help us connect to government/others. Abstract Intelligence models new theory of mind.