4M Analytics

Minefield location intelligence solution

  • Kinneret College UK · US
  • Itzik Malka, CEO, Itzik@4m-a.com

4M Analytics uses satellites, AI and autonomous platforms to detect and clear landmines and unexploded war bombs. During our 10 years of experience in the field, we found that 80% of the Suspected Hazard Areas are clear of mines, and yet, the entire area gets the same treatment, and costs almost the same. We also found that there are a lot of common patterns in landmines additional to available meaningful Geo data, which helps us to build a set of rules for a Demo system and launched validation in real minefield clearing projects of 4M Defense in Israel. We found 100% success correlation between the system prediction to the actual mine location uncovered, after that we started to develop a holistic solution by using Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robots.


Early Stage


AI, Robotics, SaaS