Public Knowledge Workshop

  • Jerusalem · Tel Aviv
  • Community · Nonprofit

The Public Knowledge Workshop (Hasadna LeYeda Tziburi in Hebrew), is a non-profit, non-partisan volunteer-based NGO. Its mission is to allow Israeli citizens to engage more meaningfully with the government and public interest data by making it more accessible to the public. This is achieved with the support of hundreds of civic hackers who are building open source websites and apps that present and analyze this data. Examples include Knesset parliamentary activity, legislation, national and local budgets, city plans (taba), pension funds investment policies, road accidents, train accuracy, industrial pollution external costs, food consumer pricing and more. We meet up regularly every Monday from 18:00 to 24:00 at Campus Tel Aviv, Igal Alon 98, Tel Aviv, and every Wednesday at Campus Givat Ram, Jerusalem from 19:00 to 23:00. We develop in Python, Django or Flask, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, or analyze data with SQL, R and alike. For more details:




Open Data, Open Government, Open Knowledge, Open Source, Open Spending