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We live in an incredibly advanced era, yet humanity faces massive global challenges. Together with Terra Venture Partners, Bosch, Visa, EDP and other partners, CREATE aims to facilitate a unique collaboration between entrepreneurs and industry leaders to tackle the 21st Century's most pressing challenges. Industries that face enormous challenges today include health, clean water, food and cyber security, education, transportation and energy, just to name a few. Humanity has, however, a world of technological innovation at their fingertips - wearable devices, robots, quadcopters, IoT, massive computing power, biotechnology and much more can offer unique solutions to the problems we face. We as industry leaders and entrepreneurs have the power, knowledge and creative problem-solving skills to develop sustainable solutions to these challenges. Shouldn't we use these capabilities to make a positive IMPACT on the world? Together with CREATE, we can make this difference.

Investment Stage

Pre-Seed, Seed


Agriculture, Automotive, Clean Technology, Education, Energy, Financial Services, Industrials, Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Technology


Advanced Materials, AgTech, Alternative Energy, Composite Materials, Cyber Security, EdTech, Energy Efficiency, Energy Infrastructure, Energy Storage, FinTech, FoodTech, Internet of Things, MedTech, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Smart Cities, Smart Transportation, Water, Wearables, Wellness

Program Duration

6 months

Investment Amount

Up to $1M