Wave Power Plant

Power plant for the production of electric energy from sea waves

  • Haifa
  • Yaniv Tal-or, Founder, yanivtalor@gmail.com

The Product: The device is a type of attenuator consisting of a number of serially-positioned paddles, located in a near shore environment. It is rigidly fixed to the seabed and is designed to be located in transitional water depths. The device utilizes the forward wave motion, the backward wave motion and the force of gravity in the most efficient way. A sea test model (on a scale of approx. 1/10) was carried out in Israel near the Haifa sea shore. The sea test and conclusions were prepared by the Technion Research and Development Foundation Ltd. The Market: The global demand for electric power is expected to increase to 30.1 trillion KWh by 2030. In order to meet this demand, the IEA (International Energy Agency) estimates that investments in newly generated capacity will exceed $3 trillion, $1.5 trillion of which will be for renewable energy generation equipment.


Early Stage


Energy Generation, Renewable Energy